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Division boost is an excellent choice if you want to move from one division to another.

  • We Usually start a boost between 1-24 hours after receiving payment 
  • We will try to make sure you will get at least one, or more divisions per day (depends on your current division)
  • We use VPN; It is mandatory by our Policies.

Actual Division:

Target Division:





+1 Extra Win


  1. On our site we offer only our time, we are not connected in any way to Riot Games.
  2. For your order, you pay by using PayU internet payment service.
  3. We will begin your order after we have payment confirmation from PayU, we usually start doing orders between 1-24h after payment is received.
  4. Realization time for your order depends on it's difficulty, we will do it as fast as it is possible for us.
  5. If you have any questions, problems etc. Please contact us using "contact" on our site, or just write directly on our e-mail: contact@eloboostingcompany.com
  6. Division boost is only for people who gain at least 15 LP per game, in other cases we will convert your order to "Games Boost".
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